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Cultural Projects

The Karuk Education Department is determined to normalize cultural practices within our local schools. Our cultural projects seek to allow students access to cultural mentorship no matter their level of prior cultural engagement. They are exposed to Karuk TEK ( tribal ecological knowledge), language, and connection. Check out some of our projects and students below.

Iikiv Project

Youth in the íikiv project will work with the local Lead Cultural Practitioner and the Youth Cultural Practitioners (YCPs) to make necklaces for other Karuk youth. They will learn about the importance of regalia, the different materials used, language and the practice of gifting. 

Ifikar Project

Our Ifikar Project seeks to expose youth to various practices of gathering and processing traditionally used natural materials such as pine nuts, willow, acorns, etc.

Student of the Week

Jackson Street Elementary

Media 2-ED0A77F3-2AB1-45A3-94AF-E2E75AE1B9F2.jpg
"A wonderful youth to work with! Brings a smile to your face every time."

Roseann Ritchison - Project Lead

Harlee Moore 

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