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Ishkeesh Pickvahaan "River Storyteller"

All of us at the Karuk Education Department and Childcare Department are excited to share all the smiling faces we saw from our Bookmobile trips! We make stops in Orleans, Somes Bar, Happy Camp, Seiad, Klamath River, and Yreka providing free books to all the students. Big thanks to all of the schools who let us stop by, we had a blast helping out the students and staff.



The mission of the Education & Childcare Department is to provide our youth within the service area to enjoy the wonderful world that books can create without the fear of cost. Our hope is to put books into the hands of each and every youth in our area.


The Ishkeesh Pickvahaan visits each region at least once every three months. There are three loops throughout the region:

1. Orleans loop

      - Junction Elementary

      - Orleans Elementary

      - Orleans Head Start

 2. Yreka Loop

     - Kahtishraam Wellness Center

     - Yreka Head Start

     - Klamath River Elementary

     - Seiad Valley Elementary

3. Happy Camp Loop

    - Happy Camp Head Start

    - Happy Camp Elementary

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