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University/College Specific Opportunities


Opportunities have been provided to the Karuk Tribe Education Department directly from the university/college in regards to their programs for Karuk youth.


University of Oregon

Eugene, OR

The goal of the university is to reach all Tribal Nations about resources the UO provides for Native students, particularly sharing about our Homeflight Scholars Program and ways in which 52 Tribes can qualify for residency, including the Karuk Tribe. 


The Karuk Tribe falls under the University of Oregon's Residence Classification, meaning students who are enrolled in the Karuk Tribe qualify for Oregon residency for tuition purposes. This allows members of the Karuk Tribe to qualify additionally for our Homeflight Scholars Program, covering tuition and fees for up to 5 years.

UC Berkeley

Berkeley, CA

In general, we do offer federal, state and university need-based grants and scholarships to students based on their CA residency and information from the FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application. Completing the FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application would be the first recommendation for any student seeking financial assistance for college.

More specifically, the University of California's Native American Opportunity Plan ensures that in-state systemwide tuition and student services fees are fully covered for California students who are also enrolled in federally recognized Native American, American Indian, and Alaska Native tribes. As the Karuk Tribe is federally recognized, this would apply to your students, and is applicable to both Undergraduate and Graduate students. The link above provides more specific information about the program, although we are happy to answer any more specific questions that you may have.

To be eligible for the Native American Opportunity Plan, students would need to provide the any of the following items to document their tribal enrollment:

  • Certification of tribal enrollment on tribal letterhead.

  • Enrollment/membership card that contains the tribal seal and/or official signature of a tribal leader.

  • Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) if the CDIB includes tribal enrollment information.

  • Tribal identification card with an enrollment number.

Eligible students also need to submit tribal contact information (address, phone, and email) with the submitted documentation. Undergraduate students must file a FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application as well, if they are eligible to do so.


Oregon State University

Corvallis, OR

OSU students who are enrolled members of the 574 federally recognized Tribes, as included on the Federal Register, are considered residents of the State of Oregon for tuition purposes. This applies to tuition charged for any for-credit course offered at OSU, whether at the undergraduate or graduate level, and as a part of any academic program, including but not limited to degree, certificate, digital badges, or course sequences. Students are responsible for obtaining and submitting appropriate documentation of their enrollment in one of the 574 federally recognized Tribes at the time of their application for admission to OSU, or at the time of applying for the resident tuition rate. Unfortunately, this policy does not qualify nonresident students for financial aid programs administered by the State of Oregon that are available only to residents of Oregon.


Students who are enrolled members of the Nine Tribes of Oregon may be eligible to enroll in the State of Oregon's Oregon Tribal Student Grant Program (OTSG), which provides assistance up to the cost of attendance at Oregon public and private non-profit colleges and universities. To apply for this grant program, students need to submit the current the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA and complete the OTSG application. OSU uses the FAFSA to determine student’s financial need and eligibility for various federal student aid programs such as loans, grants and work-study. Here is the link to the FAFSA.

University of California, Davis

Davis, CA

The UC Native American Opportunity Plan promises to cover UC system tuition and fees. If you would like to know exactly how much that is please refer to this website:

Keep in mind that this cost of attendance is based for students who enter 2023-2024 and this can change depending on the year students enroll into UC Davis. 

For more information on this plan please refer to this website:

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